1.Happy, Happy New Year,
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you’re done, sweet rest,
We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than,
You’ve ever had before.

2.January, February, March, 
The cold is harsh. 
April, May, June,
Summer will be over soon. 
July, August, September, 
Rain we love to remember. 
October, November, December, 
Time to take out coat & furs

3.January opens
The box of the year 
And brings out days 
That are bright and clear. 
And brings out days 
That are cold and gray, 
And shouts, "Come see What I brought today!

4. New Year wish for you,
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get,
A year in which you cherish,
The past year’s memories,
Full of bright expectancies,
I wish for you a holiday,
With happiness galore,
And when it’s done, I wish you,

Happy New Year, and many more.

5.Hey, my lad, ho, my lad!
Here’s a New Broom.
Heaven’s your housetop
And Earth is your room.
Tuck up your shirtsleeves,
There’s plenty to do-
Look at the muddle
That’s waiting for you!

Dust in the corners
And dirt on the floor,
Cobwebs still clinging
To window and door.
Hey, my lad! o, my lad!
Nimble and keen-
Here’s your New Broom, my lad!
See you sweep clean.

6.The biggest night of the year 
To say goodbye to the past 
And bring in the new with cheer 
Surrounded by family and 
Friends so dear
Memories are made to last 
Throughout our forthcoming years 
At the birth of each 
New Year God lights a candle for us all 
To give guidance in our lives 
To see his children free from fall 
As the wonder of time 
Finally strikes twelve 
We celebrate together New Year's first hours.

7. Short New Years’ Morning Poem
A low, quiet music is playing—
distorted trumpet, torn bass line,
white windows. My palms
are two speakers the size
of pool-hall coasters.
I lay them on the dark table

for you to repair.


1. Hail, New-born Year!
Cradled in morning clouds
Golden and white. I cannot see
Thy face--'tis wrapp'd in mystery;
But Spring for thee is painting flowers,
And Summer decks her woven bowers;
Rich Autumn's sheaves will soon be reap'd,
With store of fruits in sunbeams steep'd,
And one by one with gentle hand folds back thy sunlit shrouds.

Hail, New-born Year!
Shining and beautiful,
Thou wilt step forth in plenitude
Of youth and its rejoicing mood.
Last child of the half-century,
And time of coming victory

Over the spirits of night and sin,
Whose howlings of defeat begin:
Thou bringest hope, and labour bless'd
In visions of successful rest,
Bringest great thoughts, and actions wrought
In fire upon that forge of thought,
And with the soul of earnestness I think thy youths are full.

Hail, New-born Year!
My utterance is too weak
To tell of all I think thou bringest,
To echo back the song thou singest;
But the very winds of Heaven for those who listen to them, speak!

2.Under the bare brown rafters,
In his garret bed he lay,
And dreamed of the bright hereafters.
And the merry morns of May.

The snowflakes slowly sifted
In through each cranny and seam,
But only the sunshine drifted
Into the newsboy's dream.

For he dreamed of the brave tomorrows,
His eager eyes should scan,
When battling with wants and sorrows,
He felt himself a Man.

He felt his heart grow bolder
For the struggle and the strife,
When shoulder joined to shoulder,
In the battlefield of life.

And instead of the bare brown rafters,
And the snowflakes sifting in,
He saw in the glad hereafters,
The home his hands should win.

The flowers that grew in its shadow,
And the trees that drooped above;
The low of the kine in the meadow,
And the coo of the morning dove.

And dearer and more tender,
He saw his mother there,
As she knelt in the sunset splendour,
To say the evening prayer.

His face--the sun had burned it,
And his hands were rough and hard,
But home, he had fairly earned it,
And this was his reward!

The morning star's faint glimmer
Stole into the garret forlorn,
And touched the face of the dreamer
With the light of a hope newborn.

 Oh, ring harmonious voices
Of New Year welcoming bells!
For the very air rejoices.
Through all its sounding cells!

I greet ye! oh friends and neighbours
The smith and the artizan;
I share in your honest labours,
A Canadian working-man.

To wield the axe or the hammer,
To till the yielding soil,
Enroll me under your banner,
Oh Brotherhood of Toil!

Ring, bells of the brave tomorrows!
And bring the time more near:
Ring out the wants and the sorrows,

Ring in the glad New Year!

3.Hooray! Hooray! 
It's New Year's Day! 
The day we start anew. 
So this year 
I have decided 
To become a kangaroo! 
Or maybe I will learn to fly, 
Or how to walk through walls, 
Or how to turn invisible, 
Or surf on waterfalls. 

I'll make myself elastic 
And I'll teach myself to shrink. 
I'll turn into a liquid 
And I'll pour me down the sink. 
I'll visit other planets 
And meet aliens galore. 
I'll travel to the distant past 
And ride a dinosaur. 
I've got so many wondrous plans. 
I'm starting right away. 

Yes, this will be the best year yet. 
Hooray! It's New Year�s Day!

4. It is a new year
Let us give a cheer
And maybe some beer
Get all your friends
Party till the day ends
Then the ball will drop

And the balloons will pop
It will be 2019
Give me a high five
Another year passes
Through life’s glasses
Happy New Year 2019.

5. Another fresh New Year is here…
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love, and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest…
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!.

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